Presentation competition presenting solution and idea related to suggested topic.

If you only have the drive to start a business and the idea, you can participate and help organize your ideas.

In particular, this year's Idea-Thon is linked to the 18th Business Idea Contest, which offers a wealthier chance to win.


  • * If it is found to be a copy of a prize winning work or a copy of the same subject or similar contents, cancel the prize and collect the prize money.
  • * Free meals and snacks during the competitions

Date & Venue

November. 1.(FRI). 2019 ~ November. 2(SAT)

EXCO Hall 3 (1F), Daegu, Republic of Korea


  • Social Venture(Ideas for solving social problems with ICT)
  • Smart City(Ideas for ICT solutions to build smart city)


Individuals who have idea (15 years and above)

Team building on site after individual applications)

Period of reception

AUG. 05.(MON) ~ OCT.13.(SUN)


Online Application (


053-263-5514, 053-263-5515


  • Ministry of the Interior and Safety – 5 million won(about $ 4,100) / 1team
  • Ministy of Science and ICT – 5 million won(about $ 4,100) / 1team
  • Daegu Metropolitan City Mayor – 2 million won(about $ 1,600) / 1team
  • President of Kyungpook National University – 2 million won(about $ 1,600) / 1team
  • Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency – 1 million won(about $ 800) / 2teams

* The Awards can be changed


Extra points to support the youth start-up business application/td> Free offer startup incubating space(Daegu)
Extra points to Start-up accelerating C-LAB business Extra points to Social Entrepreneur Incubating Business

Detailed Schedule

Date Time Content remark
Nov.1.(Fri) 09:00~09:30 Registration
09:30~10:00 Orientation
10:00~11:00 Topic Lecture / Announcement of Specific Tasks Progress by field
11:00~11:30 Keynote Lecture
11:30~12:30 Opening Ceremony
12:30~13:30 Lunch Time
13:30~14:30 Team Building Create and looking for team members on the ground
14:30~15:00 Team Challenge Promote collaboration through team competition
15:00~15:30 Special Lecture on a detailed subject
15:30~18:00 Idea Development / First mentoring
18:00~19:00 Dinner Time
19:00~22:00 Idea Develoment / Second mentoring
22:00~24:00 Idea Development
11.2(토) 24:00~07:00 Idea Development
07:00~08:00 Breakfast Time
08:00~09:00 Third Mentoring / Preparation First Screening
09:00~11:00 First Screening
11:00~12:00 Modifying and Complementing Ideas
12:00~13:00 Lunch Time
13:00~14:00 Preparation Final Screening
14:00~16:00 Final Screening 5minutes presentation per team
16:00~17:00 GIF Ground(Giveaway Event)
17:00~19:00 Awards Ceremony and Networking Party

※ All the contents and schedule can be subject to change

The 4th GIF Idea-Thon

The 4th GIF Idea-Thon Award Winning Idea

Ministry of the Interior and Safety
Propose a Circular Model for the Processes of the cold liquid LNG cools the data center by reusing cold heat, a wasteful energy and it turns into zero degree celsius ‘Thermal power generation→ Generation electricity → Operation data center’
CEO of Korea Gas Cooperation
LNG injected from tanks installed in houses meets with refrigerants such as air conditioners and refrigerators, and presents the idea of being stored as LNG again after the following process: heat exchange → Using vaporized LNG as household fuel → Remaining LNG Re-liquidization.
Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency
Propose idea to send the location information of the bus driver who found the obstacle to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and request immediate cleaning of the road.