The Contest Producing and Developing Innovative Device or SW through creative ideas The Make-A-Thon provides the necessary information to enable practical device creation and SW development.


  • * If it is found to be a copy of a prize winning work or a copy of the same subject or similar contents, cancel the prize and collect the prize money.
  • * Free meals and snacks during the competitions

Date & Venue

November. 1.(FRI). 2019 ~ November. 2(SAT)

EXCO Hall 3 (1F) and external square (3F), Daegu, Republic of Korea


Developing a creative robot model that helps you with your daily life


Participants who can develop practical HW or SW(Team can consist of Developer, Planner, Designer, etc.)

* Maximum 4 Participants in One Team(Individual or Two-participant-Team need to ask Executive Office)

Period of reception

AUG. 05.(MON) ~ OCT.13.(SUN)


GIF home page


053-263-5514, 053-263-5515


  • Ministry of Education – 5 million won(about $ 4,100) / 1team
  • Daegu Metropolitan City Mayor – 2 million won(about $ 1,600 ) / 1team
  • Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency – 1 million won(about $ 800) / 1team
  • Global challenger – 3 teams

* The Awards can be changed


Free offer startup incubating space(Daegu) Extra points in Start-up accelerating C-LAB business
Financial support and extra point for youth startup’s follow-up project

Detailed Schedule

Date Time Contents
Nov.1.(Fri) 09:00~10:00 Registration and offer of attendee kits
10:00~11:00 Orientation
11:00~11:30 Keynote Speech
11:30~12:30 Opening Ceremony
12:30~13:30 Lunch time
13:30~15:00 Development
15:00~16:00 Seminar
16:00~18:00 Development
18:00~19:00 Dinner time
19:00~22:00 Development
22:00~24:00 Mentoring
Nov.1.(Sat) 24:00~02:00 Mentoring
02:00~07:00 Development
07:00~08:00 Breakfast time
08:00~11:00 Development and Presentation preparation
11:00~12:00 Development and Presentation order lottery
12:00~13:00 Lunch time
13:00~16:00 Final Screening
16:00~17:00 Gathering final screening results and decision
17:00~18:00 Awards and networking party

The 4th GIF Idea-Thon

The 4th GIF Idea-Thon Award Winning Idea

Ministry of Education
Providing information on remaining seats of ‘Pink Carpet’ for pregnant women through smartphone app
Daegu Metropolitan City Mayor
Executing crackdown of drink-driving using function of Vehicle License Plate and Face Recognition, audio guidance Posting information on the IoT Dash Board in real time in case of emergency
Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency
Seatbelt recognition sensor and motion-sensing sensor allow parents to detect residual children in buses and to check the location of buses in real-time through GPS
Global challenger
Developing detection robot for checking corrosion, cracking, and blockage caused by long-term use of pipelines

* All the contents and schedule can be subject to change