Investment linkage between the startups&VC(Venture Capital) by Pitching Survival The Startups-Audition enables to share innovation idea and information of startups to help you further from simple participation

Global track

Global pitching competition for the chance to participate in the biggest startups conference in Europe, SLUSH 2019, CBC 2020.

The Global track enables to commercialize start-up items and provide opportunities to enter the European market, and global networking by participating as a representative of Korea in the international competition for start-up promotion.



  • *If it is found to be a copy of a prize winning work or a copy of the same subject or similar contents, cancel the prize and collect the prize money.
  • *Free meals and snacks during the competitions

[Global track]

*Participation selection is mandatory if you want to participate in global tracks such as SLUSH2019, CBC2020, etc.

Date & Venue

November. 1.(FRI). 2019 ~ November. 2(SAT)

EXCO Hall 3 (1F) and external square (3F), Daegu, Republic of Korea

Period of reception

  • [Startups-Audition]

  • AUG. 05.(MON) ~ OCT.13.(SUN)
  • [Global track]

  • AUG. 05.(MON) ~ OCT.20.(FRI)


  • [Startups-Audition]

  • Startups(In 7 years), Pre-Startups
  • *Start-up companies after August.1.2012
  • [Global track]

  • Startups(In 7 years)
  • *Start-up companies after August.1.2012


  • [Startups-Audition]

  • About 100 teams


GIF home page


053-263-5514, 053-263-5515


  • Ministry of Science and ICT – 10 million won (about $ 8,200) / 1team
  • Ministry of SMEs and Startups – 10 million won(about $ 8,200 ) / 1team
  • Daegu Metropolitan City Mayor – 5 million won(about $ 4,100 ) / 1team
  • Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency – 3 million won(about $ 2,400) / 1team
  • GIF Global Start up(DIP) - Full support to participate in SLUSH 2019 / 1team

*The Awards can be changed


Full support to participate in SLUSH 2019,The biggest startups conference in Europe Subsequent support for Startups’ growth(AdditionalCommercializationFunds)
Full support to participate in MWC(Mobile World Congress), In Barcelona, Spain Support for expert mentoring & investment
Exemption from document screening of ‘start-up NEST’ platform for promoting start-up companies Free offer startup incubating space(Daegu)
Financial support and extra point for youth startup’s follow-up project Extra points in Start-up accelerating C-LAB business

Detailed Schedule

Date Time Startups-Audition
Pitching Startups fair
11.1(Fri) 09:00~09:30 Registration and offer of attendee Kits
09:30~10:30 Attendance check
10:30~11:00 Orientation
11:00~11:30 Keynote speech
11:30~12:30 Opening Ceremony
12:30~13:30 Lunch time & Preparation for presentation
13:30~15:30 The 1ST Pitching
(Secondary stage)
Win-Win Open Innovation meeting Innovator evaluation group (A booth evaluation)
15:30~16:30 G-Salon
(Networking & Mentoring by field)
Condition of Global startup
16:30~17:30 Until we become a Global startup(Manufacturing)
17:30~18:30 Until we become a Global startup(IT/Service)
18:30~19:00 Finish
19:00~22:00 Startups Networking Party
‘GIF Homecoming Day’
11.2(Sat) 09:00~12:00 Preparation for presentation Gif Mentoring on visit
IR Data Preparation, Investment Strategy
12:00~13:00 Lunch time & Announcement of TOP 10 Lunch time
13:00~16:30 Top 10 Final Round
(Final pitching)
Global Innovator Forum
(Global Entry Forum)
16:30~17:00 GIF Ground(Giveaway-event)
17:00~18:00 Award Ceremony & Networking Party

Additional Event

G-Salon(Global Innovator Festa-Salon
Free networking, mentoring events among participants and experts in manufacturing, services, Fourth Industrial technology, bio, content and e-commerce.
Win-Win Open Innovation Meeting
Meeting to help business collaboration and investment between small and medium-sized enterprises and participating teams in Daegu and Gyeongbuk Province that have been pre-applied and matched.
Networking Party “Homecoming Day”
Free networking events between the 5th GIF participating teams and 1th to 4th GIF prize-winning teams.
GIF Global Talk
Seminar on the conditions of Global Startups and the viewpoints of Global Investment company.
GIF mentoring on visit
The GIF mentors personally visit and give counsel to booths of the participating teams about IR data. business strategies, investment strategies, and organization management.
Global Innovator Forum
Forum on the global market conditions of Korean startups and strategies for their continental entry from global VC perspective.

The 4th follow-up support project

Start-up audition winners are encouraged to participate in the largest exhibition in the world, ‘MWC(Mobile World Congress)-4YFN’ in order to successfully expand their presence to overseas markets and build a global network.

The 4th GIF Startups-Audition

The 4th GIF Startups-Audition Award Winning Idea

Ministry of Science and ICT
Paper and plastic substitutes using endofiber elements of raw seaweeds
Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Monitoring platform for early prediction of Pine wilt disease
Daegu Metropolitan City Mayor
A platform(app) for users to share and edit emoticons themselves using emoticon editing tool
K-ICT STartup Mentoring Center
A agent platform to transfer accommodation tickets that are scheduled to be cancelled

*All the contents and schedule can be subject to change